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FTC, State AG, & Other Regulatory Investigations

Federal Trade Commission

We have significant experience guiding clients through all aspects of FTC investigations — responding to CIDs, meeting with Commission staff to discuss and address their concerns, and negotiating settlements. These investigations have involved a wide range of issues, including claims for deception and/or unfairness under Section 5 of the FTC Act, concerns about privacy, data security, COPPA, and cross border data transfers. We also have represented clients in investigations involving advertising practices such as those relating to the FTC’s testimonial guidelines.

Our team’s understanding of the investigative process and regulatory concerns comes from time spent both inside and outside of the government, including in the FTC’s Department of Privacy and Identity Protection. Through this experience, we have developed a strong reputation for being firm and reasonable advocates. We are not afraid to push back where appropriate, but we do so in a way that is professional and credible. When investigations go forward, we can help clients evaluate their options, and arrive at decisions that make the most sense for their business.

State Attorneys General

As with the FTC, we have experience both inside and outside state government, which helps us to advise clients of various sizes and in different industries. We have worked closely with Attorneys General in numerous states, including those that have been active in privacy and technology-related issues. Again, our approach has allowed us to have open, constructive dialogue with government attorneys, which has enabled us to better understand their concerns and to work to address them in ways that make the most sense for our clients.

Billing Philosophy

We believe the existing hourly law firm model is outdated and misaligns the interests of lawyers and their clients. That’s why we have alternative pricing models. On every matter, our goal is to find the right pricing structure to align our incentives with your success.

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Trusted by some of the biggest names in tech.

“ZwillGen has become an essential partner, even an extension of our team, over the past year. Their ability to quickly and thoroughly provide subject-matter expertise, thoughtful guidance, and overall support has been a game-changer as our company navigates the complexities of all that comes with hyper-growth in this industry.”

Sara Haven, LogicGate

“ZwillGen attorneys are second to none in their expertise, efficiency, and value-add to their clients.”

Will Cooper, Fortinet

“I have ZwillGen on speed dial. Their deep substantive knowledge of our industry and the inner workings of start-ups enable them to offer pragmatic, actionable guidance quickly and at great value.”

Stephanie King, Former GC, AdRoll
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