Billing Philosophy

We aren’t a typical law firm and we don’t bill like one either. We offer clients monthly retainers, flat fees, success fees, and one rate hourly pricing.

Billing Philosophy

We believe the existing hourly law firm model is outdated and misaligns the interests of lawyers and their clients. Law firms should be rewarded for helping clients efficiently solve problems and discouraged from spending more time than necessary to achieve the same result. That’s why we have alternative pricing models. On every project, our goal is to find the right pricing structure to align our incentives with your success.

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    We handle all of the legal work in a given area or subject matter for a monthly retainer, which we can adjust upward or downward as the work ebbs and flows.

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    Under this model, we take the risk that we have underestimated the time that needs to be spent. If it takes longer, you still don’t pay any more. If we are very efficient, we get the benefit of our efficiency.

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    Even in the simplest matters, like creating Terms and Conditions for a website, you know how to measure success, and we want to deliver that result. Accordingly, you pay us a reasonable rate or fee for the work and agree on an additional fee to be paid if we are successful, however you decide to define it.

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    Because we work collectively to solve your problems, nearly all of our lawyers are available for the same rate, except our Fellows. Our Fellows are one or two years out of law school and we bill them at half the price of an experienced attorney. They are perfect for those legal tasks you don’t want to pay a legal veteran to do, but that are more sophisticated than what a paralegal should be doing.

Our Clients

We represent prominent Internet companies, media companies, Internet service providers, app developers, social networking sites, sharing economy companies, wireless carriers, video game publishers, fantasy sports providers, Internet and computer security firms, hedge funds, and a variety of traditional brick and mortar businesses in connection with their online practices.

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