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February 2, 2015

ZwillGen Bolsters Subpoena Compliance Team

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 2, 2015 – ZwillGen PLLC has bolstered its Subpoena Compliance practice by hiring Abby Liebeskind as a full-time Legal Compliance Attorney, and two former Yahoo! compliance team members, Shannon Kontinos and Darcy Riedell to assist clients with law enforcement user data requests. Abby Liebeskind was formerly a ZwillGen Fellow, and Shannon Kontinos and Darcy Riedell were formerly long-time Compliance Managers at Yahoo!.

“We are excited about this dimension of our practice and feel that it has evolved naturally from the legal advice and services we have provided clients on these issues,” said Marc Zwillinger, ZwillGen’s Founder and Managing Member. “Companies are receiving a record number of user data requests which can often be overwhelming for a team that isn’t properly prepared or already overburdened. Our expanded compliance team knows their way around this complex issue and knows how to assist clients with these delicate and time sensitive issues.”

ZwillGen’s compliance team offers hands-on support managing all law enforcement and civil subpoena compliance from start to finish. They also provide training programs for clients’ in-house teams on topics such as ECPA and legal issues surrounding communications and cloud service providers.

Additionally, the team can provide personnel with security clearances to handle classified national security legal process, can assist clients in developing policies and procedures for properly responding to law enforcement requests, and can advise on special projects such as transparency reporting, child pornography reporting and implementing or defending a reimbursement program.