We are devastated by the murder of George Floyd and the continued failure of our society to address systemic racism, police brutality, injustice, and violence against the Black community. We support and join those demanding a just society.This moment must become a turning point, and we pledge to do our part to listen, learn, and work toward a truly inclusive future. We stand with our Black community, colleagues, clients, friends, and families. #BlackLivesMatter

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About ZwillGen

Leaving behind big law bureaucracy has allowed us to focus on one thing—delivering high value legal advice to help our clients make the most of new technologies.

We’re proud to admit we’re not just legal brains; we’re tech geeks, too.

We live and breathe technology. That’s why we can react faster, smarter, and better than the other guys. We know the ins and outs of your business as well as we know Internet law. And the combination is unbeatable. Learn more >