Andrew Hutchinson

Marketing Director

Office: Washington, DC


A self-professed tech geek and sci-fi enthusiast, Andrew is ZwillGen’s resident digital emissary. Andrew brings to ZwillGen his passion for marketing and love of technology, which he leverages to ensure that ZwillGen communicates its work and events in new, interesting, and relevant ways. Prior to joining the ZwillGen team, he spent nearly six years in big law developing and executing a vast array of marketing initiatives.

Press Inquiries:

To learn more about the firm and our practices, or to arrange an interview with a ZwillGen attorney, please send Andrew an email.

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Brand Guidelines:

Whether you need to download our logo in high resolution or if you’re just looking for the perfect shade of orange, our brand guidelines have you covered. Our guide includes the core elements of the ZwillGen brand, including download links for our logos and fonts, values for our brand colors, and use case examples.

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