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ZwillGen Launches Effort to Support Federal Employees Affected by the Ongoing Shutdown

Published: Jan. 22, 2019

Updated: Oct. 05, 2020

As the current shutdown of the federal government passed the one-month mark, the strain on workers affected by the shutdown is reaching a crisis level. The severe financial impact on the country has been reported, but the human impact of the shutdown is equally devastating for individuals and families. Thousands of federal workers remain furloughed, and support for those in need is overdue.  

ZwillGen believes it is important the firm does its part to support those affected workers. Today, ZwillGen announced the creation of a $100,000 initiative to provide no-interest and no-credit check loans of up to $500 to federal employees.

To be eligible for the program, employees must:

  • Make less than $65,000 annually;
  • Work in the D.C. area (D.C., Virginia, Maryland); and
  • Be current employees of agencies where ZwillGen does not have any pending business and is not likely to have any in the near future. Eligible federal employees include, but are not limited to, those who work for the EPA, National Park Service, and the TSA.

The firm estimates that the program can support at least 200 employees in its current form. This total can increase if others want to partner with us to do more. Clients interested in supporting the relief effort can contact Alli Goings at

However long the shutdown lasts, ZwillGen recognizes the responsibility that lawyers in the Washington community have to support those most affected. We hope others join us in this effort.

Contact Alli here to discuss how you can help us support federal workers affected by the shutdown.