FISC Appoints Marc Zwillinger as One of Five Amici Curiae

Published: Dec. 03, 2015

Updated: Oct. 05, 2020

As part of the efforts to reform the government surveillance process, the USA FREEDOM Act included a provision establishing that no fewer than five individuals would be appointed to serve as amici curiae to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). Marc Zwillinger, ZwillGen’s founder and managing member, has been appointed as one of the five amici curiae who will represent the public on novel issues related to privacy and civil liberties before the FISC.

“I am honored to have been selected to serve as an amicus with my co-appointees,” said Marc Zwillinger. “The creation of the amicus panel is a significant step in the reform of the legal system related to the government’s surveillance authority. I have been a long-standing proponent of providing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and the Court of Review with an alternative perspective to the government’s views, and I look forward to playing my role in that process.”

The amici serve staggered terms, with Marc slated to serve for four years. A list of the other individuals who have been selected as amici curiae can be found here.