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March 9, 2016

ZwillGen Expands Subpoena Compliance Business and Adds Former Yahoo Associate General Counsel

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 9, 2016 – ZwillGen has announced the expansion of its Subpoena Compliance business with the creation of ZG Subpoena Solutions, and the arrival of former Yahoo Associate General Counsel, Aaron Altschuler.

ZG Subpoena Solutions offers clients a full-service compliance function. Whether a company receives occasional civil demands, a steady stream of criminal subpoenas, or an ever-increasing volume of classified national security process, ZG Subpoena Solutions can customize a program to fit client needs. Key services include:

  • Reviewing process for legal validity and adherence to company policies
  • Gathering and preserving data
  • Administering real-time surveillance requests
  • Negotiating with law enforcement and third parties to narrow requests
  • Handling user notice, issuing productions and requests for reimbursement
  • Logging and tracking process
  • Designing and issuing transparency reports

“Last year ZwillGen expanded its compliance team to better assist clients handling record numbers of requests for user data,” said Marc Zwillinger, ZwillGen’s Founder and Managing Member. “With ZG Subpoena Solutions, companies can tailor a full-service solution to fit their compliance needs. The team we have assembled consists of highly skilled attorneys and compliance professionals who have ample experience handling a high volume of requests. We are pleased that Aaron will be leading the ZG Subpoena Solutions team, and counseling clients through novel and complex law enforcement matters. Aaron’s background and experience make him an invaluable addition.”

Aaron Altschuler will serve as Counsel at ZwillGen and Managing Director and General Counsel at ZG Subpoena Solutions. Aaron joins ZwillGen after having spent three years as Vice President & Associate General Counsel for Global Law Enforcement and Security at Yahoo. While at Yahoo, Aaron oversaw a team that handled global law enforcement and data security issues across Yahoo and Tumblr. He was also responsible for publishing Yahoo’s first Transparency report and oversaw subsequent reports. Aaron said, “ZwillGen recognizes the growing burden law enforcement places on companies and has grown a practice that is well respected in the compliance space. I’m excited to be part of ZwillGen and offer ZG Subpoena Solutions to new clients.”