A conversation with Rachel Miller

We sat down with New York attorney Rachel Miller and discussed her practice, why she made the move to a law firm, and what keeps her busy outside of the office.

Tell us a little bit about your practice at ZwillGen.

I head up the transactional practice group at ZwillGen. In this role, I work on all manner of transactional work that comes our way—for a host of companies including technology and media companies, both well established and early-stage. I am also focused on continuing to build this practice area. 

What types of deals have you worked on?

In my first few months, I have already worked with a wide range of industries on a variety of deals. I’ve worked on transactions for alternative data companies, deals to support our gaming and finance clients, and a commercial partnership between a technology company and a food delivery service. I’ve also helped with an influencer led creator event and assisted start-ups in standing up their internet presence and developing and implementing the paper to sell their products and services.

What made you decide to make the move to a law firm?

Before ZwillGen, I spent many years in house at a media company working on cutting edge technology and business transactions. After a great run there, I was looking for a change. Going to a law firm appealed to me because it gives attorneys the opportunity to work with a variety of different clients in different industries. But I also cared a great deal about cultural fit and wanted to be at a workplace where I could contribute in a meaningful way. 

What drew you to ZwillGen?

ZwillGen has best in class lawyers and a roster of impressive clients, but it isn’t run like a traditional law firm. The Firm is extremely collaborative and has dispensed with the typical hierarchy in terms of how work is staffed. Because of its unique approach, lawyers get to benefit from each other’s expertise very directly, and the clients get efficient, knowledgeable, and practical legal advice – just like I wanted when I was the client! 

What keeps you busy outside of the office?

I live in Brooklyn with my 11-year-old son, and after renovating a house and living through the pandemic, I’ve been exploring my domestic side more. That means doing things like cooking, baking with my son, gardening, Pilates and yoga, and exploring my neighborhood and local artists. But I still love meeting up with my friends when I can and I love travel, theater, hiking, music, and oh so many things! I’m just doing all of it at a slower pace and letting myself relax a bit more.

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