A Conversation with Carrie Cordero

Carrie Cordero will be at Yale Law School to discuss the changing focus of U.S. intelligence law and policy to prioritize information sharing within the U.S. Intelligence Community and amongst government entities. The discussion will delve into the effects of this change, such as whether law or policies should be updated as well as the public’s changing expectations.


Privacy + Security Forum

Marc Zwillinger and Kandi Parsons will be speaking at The 2017 Privacy + Security Forum, a three day event hosting workshops and sessions on privacy and security issues. Marc Zwillinger will be examining the topic of security in the session “Home Assistants and ECPA/CALEA: Is Your Connected Home a Government Spy?” Kandi Parsons will discuss consumer privacy and security in the session “Look Who’s Talking: The Legal Impliocations of Smart Toys & Chatbots.”

Courts at War Conference

The Robert Strauss Center at the University of Texas at Austin will host Courts at War, a conference examining judicial accountability for U.S. national security and counterterrorism policies. Marc Zwillinger and Carrie Cordero will be joining fellow experts on Panel IV – Lessons Learned from the FISC and the Guantanamo Habeas Litigation.

Hedge Fund Management 2017

Stacey Brandenburg will speak on the “FinTech Innovation and the Future of Hedge Funds” panel at the Hedge Fund Management 2017 Seminar.  The panel will address the impact of FinTech on trading, compliance and FinTech, and how FinTech will disrupt the hedge fund industry.  This event, led by Practicing Law Institute, aims to focus on a variety of hedge fund topics and strategies.

Data Warrants From Across the Pond: Fighting Crime While Preserving Privacy

Carrie Cordero moderates as the panel explores the pros and cons of updating the Electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA), which many critics say is outdated.  As well as what it means for Congress, for U.S. citizens, and for U.S. Internet companies.

NAI Summit 2017

The 2017 Summit will feature a keynote presentation from FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny as well as panel discussions featuring industry leaders. Ken Dreifach is speaking on Panel 1: iOS10, Platform Controls & Bears, Oh My! Tackling Privacy Challenges in a Changing Environment. The panel will address the various types of platform-provided privacy controls, such as Limit Ad Tracking on mobile devices and Do Not Track in web browsers. The panel will examine if, and how, these controls may affect third-parties in the advertising technology ecosystem.

Managed Funds Association Legal & Compliance 2017 Conference

MFA’s Legal & Compliance 2017 Conference provides comprehensive advice around the implementation of and compliance with regulatory reforms impacting hedge funds and their investors. Marc Zwillinger will speak alongside current and former regulators and chief compliance officers and attorneys who collectively engage in a dynamic dialogue to provide practical advice on the most current regulatory compliance issues. Marc and others will discuss the elements of a good compliance procedures for data as well as items that the SEC is looking for related to trading data, at the Emerging Trends in the Regulation of Trading roundtable. The panel will also discuss what issues arise from web scraping, laws apply to drone surveillance as well as PII rules.


ZwillGen Welcomes National Security Lawyer

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 1, 2017 – ZwillGen is pleased to announce that well-known national security lawyer, Carrie Cordero, has joined ZwillGen’s Washington, D.C. office.

Carrie joins ZwillGen having previously worked at the U.S. Department of Justice, National Security Division, where she worked with the FBI and other Intelligence Community agencies on counterterrorism and counterintelligence investigations, and appeared before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Carrie also served in a joint duty capacity at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Office of General Counsel, where she worked on the legislation, implementation, and oversight of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. “Carrie is a distinguished advocate and leading voice on national security legal and policy issues,” said Marc Zwillinger, ZwillGen’s Founder and Managing Member. “Her background on FISA and national security matters will substantially benefit ZwillGen’s clients who face legal issues related to national security process or who need help when interacting with the intelligence apparatus.”

Carrie’s practice focuses on national security law, homeland security law, and related surveillance, privacy, cybersecurity, insider threat, and data protection issues. “Balancing consumer privacy with national security is a delicate but critical process,” said Carrie Cordero. “ZwillGen is doing leading work in the national security, law, and technology space, and I’m excited to join the team and work to guide clients through difficult situations.”

2017 Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection Conference

The Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection’s second annual Conference will bring together experienced government officials, in-house counsel, business executives, cyber insurance leaders, litigators, information security officers and privacy managers to discuss current developments and best practices in cybersecurity and privacy protection.  The conference is aimed at identifying innovative strategies that integrate legal, managerial and technical approaches to managing cyber and privacy risks. Carrie Cordero will be speaking on the panel “Cybersecurity Policy in the Trump Administration.”

2017 Fashion Law Seminar

The Federal Bar Association’s 4th Annual Fashion Law Seminar will feature an impressive lineup of attorneys and judges. What direction is fashion law heading in today’s global market? Mason Weisz and others will tackle this and more on Panel II – “Game Changer: The Marriage of Wearable Technology and the Fashion Industry.” They will provide an in-depth discussion of unique legal issues pertaining to wearable technology, from privacy considerations to global trade compliance.