About the Fellows Program

The Fellow position presents a unique opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most experienced privacy and data security lawyers representing the biggest names in technology.

Fellows work closely with attorneys on a variety of cutting edge and legally challenging Internet privacy, security, and surveillance issues. Because Fellows wear a variety of hats, we are looking for someone that is not only able to provide high-quality legal analysis in a concise and cogent manner, but also someone who is motivated and enthusiastic and embraces a fast-paced and lively environment. A good sense of humor and a desire to work hard and have fun is a must. Fellows are expected to engage in client development, speaking and writing engagements, blogging, teaching, marketing, development of firm forms and precedent materials, and generally helping out around the firm. They are also required to complete a substantial writing assignment (either a law review article or significant journal article) during the Fellowship.

Applicants must have a zeal for all things technology and have taken classes in law school on technology related subjects such as data privacy, cybersecurity, cyber-surveillance, copyright, or mobile applications. Experience working with a technology company or organization is a plus.

The Fellow position is for attorneys who have graduated from law school (or are current 3Ls), have taken the bar exam (or will have following graduation), and are entering the workforce for the first time as a full-time attorney. The Fellow position is slated to last for 12 months with a salary of $70,000.

Qualified and interested candidates should submit to fellowship@zwillgen.com whatever materials they deem interesting and material to our consideration of their candidacy, which should include, at a minimum, a description of their academic and professional experience.

The deadline to submit applications is Friday, September 30, 2016. Applications submitted after the deadline may still be considered at our discretion.